How to Protect your Smartphone from Cyber Threats

Almost everybody owns the best smartphone on the market these days, also threats for
smartphone are on the rise. And the security of smartphone should be a priority for everyone.
Android is the most targeted system according to expert because it is the most used operating
system. Because the threats against mobile users are growing, it is essential to know how you
can protect yourself from them. There are steps you need to know to take safeguard your
smartphone. And the delicate information when browsing online or downloading apps.

The most basic protection is actually the most important. You must turn on a pin or password to
block unwanted access, for example. Select a strong password so that only you will know what it
is. And it will not easily deduced using automated hacking algorithms. Do not use your birth date,
any significant dates, your name or the names of your friends and family. Or other events that
can guessed with any superficial knowledge of who you are. With other words such as name,
algorithms that can try with every combination of numbers with that word in order to conclude
your password. That can gain access to your phone.

Another crucial step against identity theft is to install a phone tracking app. With various ‘Find My
Phone’ apps available for Android and iOS users even free ones are possible. With the use of
location tracking functionalities, these apps will work for your phone. Be sure that it turned on. To
work the location tracking feature, you need to track your phone as soon as you discover it
missing. Instead, the burglar can yank out your SIM card or turn off your phone’s GPS. Usually,
there is an app on every phone users the ‘Find My iPhone’ app built in their system. However, it
must be activated. For Android users, there is ‘Where’s My Droid’ app available, and you can
download it for free via Google Play store.

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