Who We Are

Our team at PC Fix providing affordable IT solutions. We start in 2005 able to all the needs of the people in their IT needs. We are located in South Florida and serving them 24 hours. PC Fix must be tailored towards your individual needs, that is why er have developed flexible solutions. That can be tailored to your home and business. We have a program that caters to personalized your support and business. Depends on your essential business services, all at an affordable price. We allow our customer to your own IT computer repair by letting them handling to fix their own computer with the assistance of our IT Staff.


With our 24 hours service, we have an online computer repair service allowing to input all of your problems about your PC. We have a box for fixing computer problems that you will discover once you answer the questions. Our purpose is to lessen any downtime, so you will not have to worry about the cost of lost work rate. Our IT experts have much experience in dealing with different kinds of problems whether desktop or laptop. As well as, your smartphone. Furthermore, we have different categories in dealing with your problem. We are here to help you.


It is also our goal to have a part in our technology to deliver and create other ways to solve IT problems. The changes in our technology today is very fast. That is why we continue to discover all of the possible ways to increase more IT solutions. The more we accept repair services the more we learn different solutions. Most especially the Hard drive recovery where most people have the toughest problem they all give to us.


Importantly, the main thoughts of our service are to satisfy our customer. Whether they are in our shop or just at home on our online services. Thus, customer service is the key to success.